Forensic Services


Forensic Analysis

The forensic analysis involves the examination of electronic devices and the presentation of facts and opinion regarding the data examined. Analysis can be used to identify matters including theft of intellectual property, inappropriate use of IT in the workplace, and recovery of deleted data. We apply forensic data preservation methods to the capture of electronically stored information (ESI) where appropriate so that metadata is preserved from the time of collection.


Cyber Incident Management and Response

During recent years we have seen a huge increase in Ransomware, Spear Phishing attacks and in particular, Cloud-hosted email and invoice compromise. Attackers have been able to exploit weaknesses in business IT systems as well as the naivety of users, resulting in the substantial loss of data and money.  Ransomware attacks have not only increased but the amount being demanded decryption has rocketed to hundreds of thousands of dollars. 


Covert Data Acquisition

Cyber Med Tech can acquire data from computers and servers covertly without end-user knowledge or disruption to business applications. This service is offered when discretion is needed during an investigation or when access to computers is not available outside of normal business hours. We can also offer this service when the acquisition of email or database servers is required but a service outage is not acceptable.


Mobile Device Extraction & Analysis

Cyber Med tech uses a number of commercial tools to perform mobile device examinations.
Our team can perform physical, logical or file system extractions of current and older mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets. Our extractions also include the recovery of deleted data such as call logs and text messages as well as extracting data from SIM and memory cards where possible.